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Ideas for Your Global Pandemic Self Isolation Reading List

As a public service, here’s a list of books for your global pandemic, self isolation reading — you are reading more now, aren’t you? They’re books I’ve enjoyed recently (though I wasn’t yet in self isolation). Time traveling, sister stories, romance, and mystery When We Believed in Mermaids by Barbara O’Neal — 5 stars.A poignant […]

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Magical realism book review: Time After Time

I bought Time After Time by Lisa Grunwald because it was listed on Amazon under Time Travel Romance. I’d say Amazon should invent a new category: Magical Realism Romance. This captivating love story, set in a meticulously detailed historic Grand Central Station, itself an otherworldly but actual setting, is in a class by itself. Nora […]

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Preview — New Time Travel Novel, TIMEGATHERED

Many readers of my time travel novel The Renaissance Club have connected with my time travel guide, George St. James, so I’ve made him the hero of my new time travel novel. Timegathered is the story of George in his youth, and how he became a time traveler, realizing his innate potential for slipping between the folds of time into other periods of history.

Here’s a taste of George discovering his ability to timegather:

When George returned home to 2050, his head was buzzing with an electric guitar’s spangled notes. Hours of hauling equipment for his band, Curdled, left him with sore muscles and psychedelic earworms. Both effects could last for days, but at seventeen, living with the reverberating whine of a high note was a sick background noise to homework.

As soon as he returned to his dining room, the butler caught him. “What do you think you’re doing, young man?” The permafrost in Sanders’ voice deepened to a chip off a glacier.

George startled. “I was just …” he thought fast “… doing research for my essay on the medieval university.”

“Research? Where, in the pantry?”   Read More “Preview — New Time Travel Novel, TIMEGATHERED”

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Interview with the Main Character – The Renaissance Club

Today I’m interviewing May Gold, the character in my time travel romance novel, The Renaissance Club. Perfect for fans of Susanna Kearsley and Diana Gabaldon, the story has been called “enchanting, rich, and romantic”!

May a young art historian whose career ambitions are frustrated and whose love relationship is disintegrating, goes on a tour of Renaissance Italy with her teaching colleagues. When she steps through a fold in time she meets her 17th century artist hero, Gianlorenzo Bernini, face to his handsome face and falls into a passionate dilemma. Can love conquer time, and can it span the centuries between them? Read More “Interview with the Main Character – The Renaissance Club”

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Time Traveling Heroines

Time traveling heroines who are badass — that’s my new favorite thing to read. Books about women who time travel to go on a quest, to rescue someone — or the world — or to right a wrong. Having adventure, rather than love, on their minds. Look for another list in 2020! And write to me with suggestions.

Read More “Time Traveling Heroines”

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The Time-Blossoming Birthday Cake – A Magical Realism Story

This is my account of the Time-Blossoming Birthday Cake.

It was given to me by a cousin I hadn’t met before. George St. James heard about my 30th birthday party from another cousin, Maria, who called to ask if she could bring our relative because he was visiting her in the city and she thought I’d enjoy meeting him.

George not only came with Maria, he brought me a gift — a small, beautiful cake covered in rosebuds. We already had three other cakes, so Cousin George suggested I save it for later. Read More “The Time-Blossoming Birthday Cake – A Magical Realism Story”

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7 New Magical Realism Novels by Women

Magical realism in women’s fiction — magic and relationships just seem to go together, don’t they? In my reading adventures, they certainly do. I embrace the magic, and find it everywhere in real life and in novels. Read More “7 New Magical Realism Novels by Women”