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Preview — New Time Travel Novel, TIMEGATHERED

Many readers of my time travel novel The Renaissance Club have connected with my time travel guide, George St. James, so I’ve made him the hero of my new time travel novel. Timegathered is the story of George in his youth, and how he became a time traveler, realizing his innate potential for slipping between the folds of time into other periods of history.

Here’s a taste of George discovering his ability to timegather:

When George returned home to 2050, his head was buzzing with an electric guitar’s spangled notes. Hours of hauling equipment for his band, Curdled, left him with sore muscles and psychedelic earworms. Both effects could last for days, but at seventeen, living with the reverberating whine of a high note was a sick background noise to homework.

As soon as he returned to his dining room, the butler caught him. “What do you think you’re doing, young man?” The permafrost in Sanders’ voice deepened to a chip off a glacier.

George startled. “I was just …” he thought fast “… doing research for my essay on the medieval university.”

“Research? Where, in the pantry?”   Read More “Preview — New Time Travel Novel, TIMEGATHERED”

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Need a Lift? Books with Magic for Delightful Summer Reading

Books with Magic for Delightful Summer Reading

Three books with magic to uplift your summer reading, to inspire hope and lift you into a world of new possibilities. Books of fun, magic, and humanity. Summer is a magical time, and reading is one of its great pleasure. With my magic wand, I’m conjuring three novels to lift your summer reading onto a magic carpet.

What makes us crave magic in stories? We want to be inspired, to hope, and to be lifted into a world of new possibilities. We want to walk a shimmering path to become more than we are. The very telling of a tale implies that we’ll be lifted out of our ordinary reality. Read More “Need a Lift? Books with Magic for Delightful Summer Reading”

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A 30-day, Part-Time DIY Writing Retreat

I’m beginning a new DIY writing retreat! Heading down a new path of revising my draft of Novel #2 – better known as The Romantics, a story of two half-sisters and the cottage they inherit in Italy, along with its resident ghost.

It was drafted last year during National Novel Writing Month, (NaNoWriMo) a month-long writing marathon in which you commit to write 50,000 words of a new book. Are you jumping into this national writing craze too? I rashly signed up and plan to revise last year’s book.

Did you know you can use NaNoWriMo as a rebel? You don’t have to make your goal 50k words. This time, I’m committing to two hours of revision every day, for 30 consecutive–my part-time DIY writing retreat.

If you’re venturing down the #NaNoWriMo path with me — maybe your first-time? — here are some ideas to keep yourself going. Take your courage in both (typing) hands, and tell yourself every day, “I’m now going to do my beautiful writing!” Also, make yourself a structure. Here’s mine.

Structuring a 30-Day Writing Sprint

You need some sort of promise to yourself — that’s the structure. It could be “I’ll write every day” or “I’ll think about my book every day.” My goal is to give myself a month of part-time StayWriCation (as I call my stay-at-home writing retreat) and revise my 353-page novel. NowI’m not counting words, but chapters — 48 chapters to revise. Read More “A 30-day, Part-Time DIY Writing Retreat”

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Time-Travel Novels — Who Hasn’t Rocketed Back?

Because I’ve written a mainstream (not fantasy) novel involving time travel, I’m reading as many of them as I can find. Lo and behold, besides the obvious science fiction writers, it turns out that many literary and mainstream authors also have used the device of traveling through time, including: Marge Piercy, Stephen King, Erica Jong, […]