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Ideas for Your Global Pandemic Self Isolation Reading List

As a public service, here’s a list of books for your global pandemic, self isolation reading — you are reading more now, aren’t you? They’re books I’ve enjoyed recently (though I wasn’t yet in self isolation). Time traveling, sister stories, romance, and mystery When We Believed in Mermaids by Barbara O’Neal — 5 stars.A poignant […]

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Deciding Your Fiction Category Before You Write

Deciding your fiction category before you write — that can make all the difference in finding your readers! But isn’t that a cart-far-before-the-horse decision? How can you know where it fits in the marketplace before you develop a story? It can be motivating to try, to think about your story idea’s shelf in a bookstore or on Amazon. Read More “Deciding Your Fiction Category Before You Write”

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In writer-bliss – thrilled to be writing a new novel

Today, I find myself in writer-bliss — thrilled to be writing a new novel. There’s the phase of editing a book (tough fun) and the phase of marketing it (tough and not so fun), and the best phase, starting one. It’s summer, and ideas are blooming in my head as wildly as the roses I tend in 12 pots are putting out buds and opening red, pink, gold, and white. New story ideas opened up buds too. A lemon grove. A new heroine who’s fleeing a catastrophe in her life to run away to Florence, Italy. Read More “In writer-bliss – thrilled to be writing a new novel”

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Love stories — 3 reasons we adore them

Love stories — three reasons we adore them: 1) love is essential to wellbeing, 2) stories are essential maneuvering through life, and 3) every love is unique. Are our brains hardwired for stories? Story Genius author and master story coach Lisa Cron thinks humans evolved by learning how to solve problems through hearing stories. And if there’s one big problem in your life, it probably has the tag “love” on it. Read More “Love stories — 3 reasons we adore them”

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The joy of time-traveling to your favorite season

If you could choose any one season and time-travel again and again to that, which one would you choose? For me, every season has been a choice at one time or another in my life. Read my blog post at Fiery Seas Publishing, during my favorite month, May. Read More “The joy of time-traveling to your favorite season”

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New Interview Up at Authors18

I’m delighted to have a new interview up at Authors18 — a group of this year’s debut authors, of which I’m a proud member. Among the questions asked: “If you could spend a day with anyone in history, who would it be?” See my answer in today’s interview (hint: I’d travel to Renaissance Italy). Here’s a link to the interview.

Read More “New Interview Up at Authors18”

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Writing Tips and Secrets Revealed – My Interview

My Author Interview at Fiery Seas is up today! A few tidbits of writing tips, author secrets, and comments on movie stars from the conversation: Which book would you want adapted for the silver screen?

The Renaissance Club was made for the big screen. Just think of all those gorgeous places in Italy — Rome, Assisi, Florence, Venice. Not to mention the gorgeous and exciting Bernini (ideally played by the gorgeous and exciting James MacAvoy). Read More “Writing Tips and Secrets Revealed – My Interview”

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Wonderful review of my novel The Renaissance Club

The month-long blog tour arranged by my publisher, Fiery Seas, has yielded a wonderful, thoughtful review of my novel The Renaissance Club. I’m very pleased at today’s review on the book blog, What Cathy Read Next. This sensitive reviewer has visited some of the places in the book — Rome and Venice — and seen some of Bernini’s art. One of my favorite paragraphs in the review connects my writing as a poet with descriptions of the carnival of beauty that is Italian Renaissance art.

Read More “Wonderful review of my novel The Renaissance Club”

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My Book Is Out In the World!

Having a book out in the world isn’t a new experience for me. With three poetry books out in the world, I’ve experienced the elation, stage fright, happy overwhelm, and sheer joy in completing a book and giving it an audience. But to have a novel published is in another sphere. It’s a goal I’ve had since I was a child. And yesterday, I achieve it, with the release of The Renaissance Club from Fiery Seas Publishing.

I’ve partied, celebrated, and emailed and passed out bookmarks to spread the word. Right now, I’m happy to share an excerpt, published at Escape Into Life. Thanks to the editors there, you can read the cute-meet of my two main characters, one who lives in the 21st century, and the other who lives in the 17th, but who find a fold in time that allows them to be in the same moment.

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