Rachel Dacus’ Poetry

Arabesque (FutureCycle Press) — is available in print or ebook at Amazon. Four other collections are also available at online retailers and directly from me.

Arabesque front cover
Femme au chapeau - Rachel Dacus - Poetry Book
Earth Lessons - Poetry Book - Rachel Dacus

Gods of Water and Air

“In Gods of Water and Air, Rachel Dacus turns a painterly eye onto both the nooks and crannies of our world—‘hints of rose madder in the cerulean,’ a palm tree’s ‘rigid, rattling arguments’—and ‘the blue immensity’ that holds us all.”

– Molly Fisk, author of Blow-Drying a Chicken

“Dacus’ book will invite you to journey with her through adventures in art museums, pie baking, and eagle-spotting.”

– Jeannine Hall Gailey, author of She Returns to the Floating World

Femme au chapeau

Femme au chapeau - Rachel Dacus - Poetry Book

“This is a book to relish for such insights, by a poet clearly up for the ride, and not afraid of the risks.”

– Rhina Espaillat, author of Where Horizons Go

Cover image: “Femme au chapeau” by Henri Matisse

Earth Lessons

Earth Lessons - Poetry Book - Rachel Dacus“In Earth Lessons, Rachel Dacus composes poetry that is layered as richly as layers in the earth’s crust.”

– Kay Day, author of Killing Earl

A God You Can Dance

A God You Can Dance - Poems - CD - Rachel Dacus“Refreshing little bursts of thought… yes it’s spoken poetry but not artificial or self-conscious… it is more like the inner monologues we usually have going during the day, but always with a twist that elevates the observation to find a new meaning in the most ordinary things…. widely varied, some of them have light sound effects and music, some work better than others, but the variety keeps it fresh with repeated listenings. Listen while commuting, on an exercise walk, etc. as well as at home… A booklet in the CD has all the words to the poems—If you like Billy Collins or Rumi, you’ll like this.”

– Hank Mindlin