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Themes, Titles, and Cover Art in Novels

With a new novel coming out soon, I’m thinking about themes, titles, and cover art. Self-publishing requires the author to wear a lot of different hats. Fortunately, I like hats. So I try on a lof of things for the metadata that wraps around my novel. Themes The Time Gatherer is the story of a […]

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Looking for ideas for new novels

Ideas for new novels seem to fall into my mind at the worst moments. In the middle of a meeting or phone call, falling asleep, watching television with my husband. He doesn’t love it when I suddenly stop paying attention to our murder mystery show and begin typing. But I’m now in that swampy creative […]

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The Business Side – Self-Publishing for Heroines, Part 4

Creating Your Author Business Plan Plan out yours steps for launching and advertising your new book. Phase it on a calendar of events for launch week and month, post-launch month, sustaining sales, discounts and giveaways. If you plan specific promotional efforts, you can calculate cost and project returns on your investment. Include a budget for […]

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Writing What We Choose – Self-publishing for Heroines, Part 3

Deciding to self-publish fiction is full of thorny questions. I’ve asked myself tough questions at every stage of creating a novel. Now I ask these thorny questions as early as developing a concept for a new story. These are discussions you might have with your agent if you traditionally publish. As an indie, you have […]

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Women’s Fiction Day 2020

Women’s Fiction Day is a day to celebrate stories, authors, readers, bookstores, and fans of women’s fiction. Women’s Fiction Writers Association. the founder of this international day, is offering a “Literary Treasure Hunt” — a BIG GIVEAWAY. I’m celebrating with a GIVEAWAY of my book to five readers. Email me at if you’d like […]

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Time Travel Novels — Escape to Other Times

I love time travel novels that focus on love and mystery. Do you need a good read that lets you escape — lifting you out of your worries or concerns. Want to escape for a few evenings that’s romantic, adventurous, and emotionally satisfying? I know I need such stories right now. Here are three books I’ve read that combine all those elements — with a Youtube link to a song for each book!

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Ideas for Your Global Pandemic Self Isolation Reading List

As a public service, here’s a list of books for your global pandemic, self isolation reading — you are reading more now, aren’t you? They’re books I’ve enjoyed recently (though I wasn’t yet in self isolation). Time traveling, sister stories, romance, and mystery When We Believed in Mermaids by Barbara O’Neal — 5 stars.A poignant […]