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The Business Side – Self-Publishing for Heroines, Part 4

Creating Your Author Business Plan Plan out yours steps for launching and advertising your new book. Phase it on a calendar of events for launch week and month, post-launch month, sustaining sales, discounts and giveaways. If you plan specific promotional efforts, you can calculate cost and project returns on your investment. Include a budget for […]

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Writing What We Choose – Self-publishing for Heroines, Part 3

Deciding to self-publish fiction is full of thorny questions. I’ve asked myself tough questions at every stage of creating a novel. Now I ask these thorny questions as early as developing a concept for a new story. These are discussions you might have with your agent if you traditionally publish. As an indie, you have […]

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Is Self-Publishing a Novel for You?

The Invisibles on Amazon “A timeless and poignant story of sisterhood, with all its joys and challenges, and also a reminder that we can dearly love and care for those who are not exactly like us.” — A reader. Several writers’ groups and blogs I follow are hosting big discussions about publishing and changes in […]

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The Writing Path

I’ve decided to launch from my Rocket Kid Writing blog into a newly titled blog, which will be integrated with my new website (stay tuned!) as The Writing Path.

It’s not an easy path, involves some hard pulling at times, some days of feeling lost in the woods, but for me, it’s a compelling path of self-discovery. I have to keep going forward. And though it often feels solitary, I’m surrounded by writer friends, whether we connect in person over a cup of tea or coffee, or on Facebook, Twitter, or through the marvelous nonprofit organization for writers of women’s fiction, The Women’s Fiction Writers Association.

Two great things I did for my writer self last year: draft a (nearly) complete novel during National Novel Writing Month, and join the WFWA, where I’ve met and learned from many wonderful novelists. Read More “The Writing Path”

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Squeezing Into a Box – Selecting Your Category in Publishing

CATEGORIES! I know it’s all about discoverability. I know that Amazon ranking depends on choosing the right category and tags for your book. I know, I know … and I hate fitting into boxes. I finally figured out where my book fits on Amazon, and I can’t say I’m happy. But I’m going to be […]

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Going Indie? – Publishing Tips

This is La Spezia — one of the locations in my work-in-progress novel, The Romantics, the story of two half-sisters, their dispute over an inherited cottage in Italy, inhabited by the ghost of the poet Shelley. This is where I wish I was living, even imaginatively. But I’m stuck dealing with the hassles of publishing […]