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Being a NaNoWriMo Rebel

I’m a born rebel, so when I set goals as a NaNoWriMo rebel, I pick the ones that fit with my writing habits. These are habits born of observing my best writing periods and replicating what worked, forgetting what didn’t. For me, as a National Novel Writing Month fan, word counts don’t work. For me, […]

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NaNoWriMo in Writing Women’s Fiction

NaNoWriMo for women’s fiction writers seems like an oxymoron. Writing about women and their relationships requires careful, deep creativity. National Novel Writing Month urges speed and volume of words. As a writer of upmarket, magical realism fiction, I’ve nevertheless found NaNoWriMo invvaluable. It’s helped me build my craft and my writing life in several ways. […]

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Why Women’s Fiction and Magical Realism Pair So Well

I’m celebrating today, RELEASE DAY for my new women’s fiction and magical realism novel, The Invisibles. To celebrate, I’ve published an article in the online magazine Women Writers, Women’s Books. It’s about the naturalness of supernatural elements in women’s fiction. Magical realism is one form, and my favorite, for its blending of the mundane with […]

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Bookish Mystery and Ghost Story — new review!

I love this short review of my new novel about sisters, with a ghost story! Just in time for the season of mystery, ghosts, and the afterlife. “THE INVISIBLES charms as both bookish mystery and ghost story, but it’s Dacus’s deft portrayal of the love and strain between sisters that will keep many readers on […]

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My Novel, THE INVISIBLES — Two sisters & a family ghost

THE INVISIBLES. Two sisters. One ghost. An impossible sacrifice. In this magical realism tale of two sisters and a family ghost, Elinor and Saffron inherit their father’s cottage on the Italian coast. Their longtime rivalry explodes through a struggle for control of the inheritance. As they rehab the house for sale, Italy infuses its magic […]

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COVER – THE INVISIBLES, A Novel About Sisters

Two sisters. One ghost. An impossible sacrifice. That’s the premise of my new novel about sisters, THE INVISIBLES. I’m thrilled to share the cover design by  my amazing designer, Michelle Argyle, of Melissa Williams Designs! ONE MONTH until The Invisibles is released on November 15, 2019!   On October 22, 2019, it will be available […]

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Magical realism book review: Time After Time

I bought Time After Time by Lisa Grunwald because it was listed on Amazon under Time Travel Romance. I’d say Amazon should invent a new category: Magical Realism Romance. This captivating love story, set in a meticulously detailed historic Grand Central Station, itself an otherworldly but actual setting, is in a class by itself. Nora […]

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A Bounty of Happy Readers = One Happy Author

It’s always thrilling and inspiring for this author to read reader reviews of The Renaissance Club. Here’s a sample harvest of comments that delighted me and made me want to dig in and finish the next in this Timegathering series of magical realism fiction! Thanks to the 44 readers who thoughtfully left comments on Amazon. […]

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Publishers Weekly Reviews The Renaissance Club

The review called my time travel novel it “a lovely to-and-fro escape through time.”. Thanks to BookLife at Publishers Weekly for a sparkling review! Here’s the link. The reviewer says, “This story of art and artists across time is peppered with colorful characters, sexy interludes, and instances of poetic prose. “It’s a perfect fit for […]