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Preview — New Time Travel Novel, TIMEGATHERED

Many readers of my time travel novel The Renaissance Club have connected with my time travel guide, George St. James, so I’ve made him the hero of my new time travel novel. Timegathered is the story of George in his youth, and how he became a time traveler, realizing his innate potential for slipping between the folds of time into other periods of history.

Here’s a taste of George discovering his ability to timegather:

When George returned home to 2050, his head was buzzing with an electric guitar’s spangled notes. Hours of hauling equipment for his band, Curdled, left him with sore muscles and psychedelic earworms. Both effects could last for days, but at seventeen, living with the reverberating whine of a high note was a sick background noise to homework.

As soon as he returned to his dining room, the butler caught him. “What do you think you’re doing, young man?” The permafrost in Sanders’ voice deepened to a chip off a glacier.

George startled. “I was just …” he thought fast “… doing research for my essay on the medieval university.”

“Research? Where, in the pantry?”   Read More “Preview — New Time Travel Novel, TIMEGATHERED”

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Deciding Your Fiction Category Before You Write

Deciding your fiction category before you write — that can make all the difference in finding your readers! But isn’t that a cart-far-before-the-horse decision? How can you know where it fits in the marketplace before you develop a story? It can be motivating to try, to think about your story idea’s shelf in a bookstore or on Amazon. Read More “Deciding Your Fiction Category Before You Write”

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Interview with the main character Bernini – The Renaissance Club

Today I’m interviewing Gianlorenzo Bernini, the other main character in my time travel novel, The Renaissance Club, a story that has been called “enchanting, rich, and romantic”! The 17th century genius artist Gianlorenzo Bernini is the hero of my time travel novel, and the passionate interest of May Gold, a young art historian who specializes in his masterpieces. Read More “Interview with the main character Bernini – The Renaissance Club”

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Time Traveling Heroines

Time traveling heroines who are badass — that’s my new favorite thing to read. Books about women who time travel to go on a quest, to rescue someone — or the world — or to right a wrong. Having adventure, rather than love, on their minds. Look for another list in 2020! And write to me with suggestions.

Read More “Time Traveling Heroines”

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The Renaissance Club on Blog Tour + Enter my Givewaway

Book blog Fabulous and Brunette has hosted me and my book with an interview and my giveaway, plus an excerpt. Read a little of my time-travel novel, The Renaissance Club! This wonderful site bills itself as: “A Lifestyle blog that focuses on all things from fashion to beauty; fitness to weight loss; recipes to coupons; books to movies; travels to entertainment; and everything in between.” From fashion to fiction, recipes to fitness, there’s a lot to enjoy. I’m delighted to make a stop on my month-long blog tour at Ally Swanson’s lively and truly fabulous site. Read More “The Renaissance Club on Blog Tour + Enter my Givewaway”

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Best Time Travel Fiction and Finding Love

Finding Love in a Past Era

A lot of contemporary time travel fiction involves finding love. And it magically happens. On paper, one can simply step through a fold in time’s curtain or penetrate a magical standing stone and voila! meet your soulmate in a past time. This is magical realism time travel — it just happens.

But think about it:  love across the centuries  has a lot of messy aspects. First, the customs of love are very different. Like trying to speak a different language, you can get the nuances and protocals wrong. When to touch, when not to touch, what does a smile mean in another society than your 21st century one, and what constitutes an invitation for a woman to be treated as less than a lady?  Writing love stories across the centuries is complicated.

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In writer-bliss – thrilled to be writing a new novel

Today, I find myself in writer-bliss — thrilled to be writing a new novel. There’s the phase of editing a book (tough fun) and the phase of marketing it (tough and not so fun), and the best phase, starting one. It’s summer, and ideas are blooming in my head as wildly as the roses I tend in 12 pots are putting out buds and opening red, pink, gold, and white. New story ideas opened up buds too. A lemon grove. A new heroine who’s fleeing a catastrophe in her life to run away to Florence, Italy. Read More “In writer-bliss – thrilled to be writing a new novel”

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Love stories — 3 reasons we adore them

Love stories — three reasons we adore them: 1) love is essential to wellbeing, 2) stories are essential maneuvering through life, and 3) every love is unique. Are our brains hardwired for stories? Story Genius author and master story coach Lisa Cron thinks humans evolved by learning how to solve problems through hearing stories. And if there’s one big problem in your life, it probably has the tag “love” on it. Read More “Love stories — 3 reasons we adore them”

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My Book Is Out In the World!

Having a book out in the world isn’t a new experience for me. With three poetry books out in the world, I’ve experienced the elation, stage fright, happy overwhelm, and sheer joy in completing a book and giving it an audience. But to have a novel published is in another sphere. It’s a goal I’ve had since I was a child. And yesterday, I achieve it, with the release of The Renaissance Club from Fiery Seas Publishing.

I’ve partied, celebrated, and emailed and passed out bookmarks to spread the word. Right now, I’m happy to share an excerpt, published at Escape Into Life. Thanks to the editors there, you can read the cute-meet of my two main characters, one who lives in the 21st century, and the other who lives in the 17th, but who find a fold in time that allows them to be in the same moment.

Read More “My Book Is Out In the World!”

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If You Could Travel into the Past, What Good Could You Do?

If you suddenly found you could time travel, what good could you hope to do by traveling into the past? Could you time travel to prevent a war or a plague? Would you want to ensure that friendly, intelligent aliens landing on our planet weren’t obliterated by weed-killer? Would you want to change your own history to become richer, more successful, or healthier? Would you try to spare someone close to you a catastrophe?

Some of those things are the goal of my main character, May Gold, in The Renaissance Club (now available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Kobo). Time travel has been a philosophical problem ever since someone devised it. It’s the problem I asked myself as I sent May back to the 17th century.

And it’s a question I kept pondering as I thought about George St. James, the club’s guide to Renaissance Italy, and for a few the guide to time traveling.

Why did George have this gift? How did he decide to use it only to aid others? In George’s case, time travel appears to be genetic. His grandmother had the ability, though neither of his parents did. But I’m getting ahead of myself, because that’s not in the prologue of The Renaissance Club. It will appear in my third novel, Time’s Wily Thief, which features George St. James.

In The Renaissance Club, art historian May Gold time travels with George’s aid, and she finds herself face-to-face with her hero, 17th century Italian sculptor Gianlorenzo Bernini. As she goes back and forth into his timeline, she starts trying to change things in his life, to prevent disasters that impeded his art.

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