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Interview with the Main Character – The Renaissance Club

Today I’m interviewing May Gold, the character in my time travel romance novel, The Renaissance Club. Perfect for fans of Susanna Kearsley and Diana Gabaldon, the story has been called “enchanting, rich, and romantic”!

May a young art historian whose career ambitions are frustrated and whose love relationship is disintegrating, goes on a tour of Renaissance Italy with her teaching colleagues. When she steps through a fold in time she meets her 17th century artist hero, Gianlorenzo Bernini, face to his handsome face and falls into a passionate dilemma. Can love conquer time, and can it span the centuries between them? Read More “Interview with the Main Character – The Renaissance Club”

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Best Time Travel Fiction and Finding Love

Finding Love in a Past Era

A lot of contemporary time travel fiction involves finding love. And it magically happens. On paper, one can simply step through a fold in time’s curtain or penetrate a magical standing stone and voila! meet your soulmate in a past time. This is magical realism time travel — it just happens.

But think about it:  love across the centuries  has a lot of messy aspects. First, the customs of love are very different. Like trying to speak a different language, you can get the nuances and protocals wrong. When to touch, when not to touch, what does a smile mean in another society than your 21st century one, and what constitutes an invitation for a woman to be treated as less than a lady?  Writing love stories across the centuries is complicated.

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