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Fantasy, Magical Realism, Paranormal? Codes in Cover Art

Rachel Dacus in Venice, Italy, 1991.
Rachel in Venice, Italy, 1991.

Book Cover Art Is Really a Science

Fantasy, magical realism, or paranormal — the codes in cover art tell you what to expect within a book. But do you type these large categories into an Amazon search bar when you’re looking for your next novel? If I do, the way to find the books is judging them by their art. The cover tells all! And that’s no accident.

I thought in my early writer days that cover art was all about art and good design. I doted on gorgeous designs. How naive I was! I’m getting close to releasing a new book, so I’ve been thinking about genres and cover art in fiction. My next book will be fantasy + women’s fiction. A story of two half-sisters and their guardian ghost, set in Italy. Read More “Fantasy, Magical Realism, Paranormal? Codes in Cover Art”

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Evolution of a Cover Design

The evolution of a cover design for my novel The Renaissance Club has been a fascinating process. I’m thrilled with this cover art, showing my main character walking into a mysterious, dreamlike Italian Renaissance landscape. The scene shimmers with possibility, like the doorway in time through which she walks to meet her 17th century artist […]