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Time Travel and Romance – A Perfect Combination

In a new review for The Renaissance Club, one reader summed up the story: “Time travel and romance, a perfect combination.” I think so too, and it thrills me when someone loves my love story between the Italian genius Bernini and a young art historian who falls through a fold in time. To get a copy and leave your own review, click on THE RENAISSANCE CLUB. Read More “Time Travel and Romance – A Perfect Combination”

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Thankful for reviews on social media boosting my novel

I’m extremely thankful for reviews on social media for my new novel THE RENAISSANCE CLUB has helped boost its discoverability, and if you’re someone who’s posted a comment on Amazon or Goodreads, thank you so very much! If you’ve read the novel and liked it, but haven’t reviewed it, I’d love it if you could post a short review on Amazon. Reader reviews help books find a wider audience, boosting authors’ careers. If you’d like to write one, here are some ideas, from comments I’ve received. # 1: A page-turner with a surprise ending! If you love time travel, read this one.  #2: The poetic descriptions of Italy made me want to travel there, and the love story touched me. #3: I loved the vivid characters, especially the fiery genius Bernini. Art and history lovers will like this book.

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How to Determine Your Book’s Sales Category

Literary, Upmarket, Book Club, or Commercial fiction — how to determine your unpublished book’s sales category can be an enigma for the uninitiated in publishing industry lingo. Here are ways to determine where your book fits. Read More “How to Determine Your Book’s Sales Category”