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Thankful for reviews on social media boosting my novel

I’m extremely thankful for reviews on social media for my new novel THE RENAISSANCE CLUB has helped boost its discoverability, and if you’re someone who’s posted a comment on Amazon or Goodreads, thank you so very much! If you’ve read the novel and liked it, but haven’t reviewed it, I’d love it if you could post a short review on Amazon. Reader reviews help books find a wider audience, boosting authors’ careers. If you’d like to write one, here are some ideas, from comments I’ve received. # 1: A page-turner with a surprise ending! If you love time travel, read this one.  #2: The poetic descriptions of Italy made me want to travel there, and the love story touched me. #3: I loved the vivid characters, especially the fiery genius Bernini. Art and history lovers will like this book.

Book clubs, book publishers, book buyers, book browsers all rely on reader reviews to decide what fiction they’re going to pile onto their to-be-read lists. Amazon lists a book’s blurb on each book page, but we all know it’s the comments by actual readers that swing us into action, clicking on that Buy-Now button. Among the best writing advice I can give is to write your reviews of books you like, and think about what makes you read a book, and how you want to write books in that way, to garner readers of your fiction.

The thing I love about reading reader reviews is their genuineness and often quirky use of words. Here are three examples that tickle my fancy;

1. The dialog was snappy and the locations were edgy.
–> Edgy locations? As in cliffside, on top of a skyscraper, in a prison cell?

2. The only trouble is finding the town. Then finding out she’s a witch and the being told she’s not a witch but a fairy. What exactly is she? To add to her problems she finds out that a recent murder has taken place and the killer is still at large.
–> Wow, that’s a lot of plot setup. I’d have picked just one, but then I like a slow read. And witches and fairies, but really, pick one.

3. A quirky cast of characters and possible big foot sightings
–> Okay, I’m in. Wouldn’t we include Bigfoot as a quirky character? I would!

Whether or not you choose to write a book review for your favorite recent reads, definitely give yourself the pleasure of reading many reader reviews. If you’re a writer, it may inform your shaping of characters and plot. If you’re a reader, you’ll discover some amazing books.

The Renaissance Club, a time travel love story by Rachel Dacus

Favorite reader review comment: “I think I now have a crush on Bernini. But what I really want to know is, how can I book a tour with George?”


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