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The joy of time-traveling to your favorite season

If you could choose any one season and time-travel again and again to that, which one would you choose? For me, every season has been a choice at one time or another in my life. Read my blog post at Fiery Seas Publishing, during my favorite month, May.

Time-traveling to your favorite place, person, or season is an internal experience that allows us to deepen an appreciation and understanding of who and what we love. Sometimes we call such time travels memory, sometimes fantasy or wish fulfillment. In my novel, The Renaissance Club, the main character May Gold time-travels to deepen her connection with an artist she has written about, and then slips through time’s fold to meet in person. Will she be able to return and stay with him that way? It all depends on how you look at the idea of time-travel and memory and fantasy.

If you want a time-travel story that’s been called “rich, enchanting, and romantic,” get your copy of The Renaissance Club today!

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