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Time Travel and Romance – A Perfect Combination

In a new review for The Renaissance Club, one reader summed up the story: “Time travel and romance, a perfect combination.” I think so too, and it thrills me when someone loves my love story between the Italian genius Bernini and a young art historian who falls through a fold in time. To get a copy and leave your own review, click on THE RENAISSANCE CLUB.Thanks to this Amazon reviewer for a good review summarizing the story:

Time Travel and Romance, a Perfect Combination

A group of Art and Art History professors decide to visit historical sites in Italy. They don’t all get along with each other, and one in particular, May, is the underdog who must struggle to keep her contract position in the department. She’s a huge fan of Renaissance artist Bernini. To her astonishment, she meets him in person, when time keeps slipping and depositing her in his life. Her current boyfriend is pretty much an arrogant bastard, but as is typical in novels and real life, May can’t seem to ditch the loser for the longest time. Other characters on the tour discover surprising things about themselves, too. I see the Club well named: many of those on the tour have their own personal renaissance, viewing and experiencing the glory of art in Italy. May isn’t the only one for whom time is fluid. How will May resolve the conundrum in which she finds herself, caught between centuries? A delightful read, just enough fantasy to let the reader daydream.

Reader Reviews on Amazon

If you want to show an author you liked her book, leave a few stars and a sentence with a headline on the book’s Amazon page. It’s a vote for the book’s life. Most books are sold on Amazon, and Amazon pays attention to the number of reader reviews. Once those reach 50, Amazon helps to promote the book to more people, which keeps it in print and keeps it alive. Here are some reader review headlines from other books that could really be used for any book;

#1 – A page-turner!

#2 – A love story to warm your heart

#3 – Art, history, and love — a magical combination


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