In writer-bliss – thrilled to be writing a new novel

Today, I find myself in writer-bliss — thrilled to be writing a new novel. There’s the phase of editing a book (tough fun) and the phase of marketing it (tough and not so fun), and the best phase, starting one. It’s summer, and ideas are blooming in my head as wildly as the roses I tend in 12 pots are putting out buds and opening red, pink, gold, and white. New story ideas opened up buds too. A lemon grove. A new heroine who’s fleeing a catastrophe in her life to run away to Florence, Italy. Italy. I can’t seem to set my stories anywhere else. Italy is the land of dreaming, for me. This will be my third novel set there. Specifically, this one will be set in Florence. And medieval Provence. Because it’s another time travel tale.

While researching for my Florence setting, I came across a place I absolutely have to visit one day. Hesperidarium is a world-renowed garden of citruses in the territory of Pistoia. Who knew there could be such a lavish citrus garden in Tuscany? I’m going to use citrus trees around a small hotel where my main character is staying. At the beginning of the story, she has flown to Florence from San Francisco and checks into a hotel that looks something like this house on the right.

My heroine’s name is Beth Pomeroy, and she’s a 32-year-old fundraising specialist who is escaping a failed engagement. After her fiance announced he was dying and wanted to spend his last months with someone else, Beth decides to accept an offer from her cousin, May Gold to come to Italy. May, an art historian, has been working on a restoration project in Florence, restoring forgotten paintings by women of the Renaissance. The project needs money, of course, and Beth knows how to find donations. Beth signs onto the project for the summer, leaving her job and her old life, hoping to find in Tuscany an avenue of solace. What she doesn’t plan on is to meet George St. James, a very special kind of tour guide — and to wind up in time traveling to medieval Provence, where she meets a legendary troubadour.

Thrilled to be writing a new novel! Stay tuned for more about this story as I develop it.

My Newest News

I’m excited to announce that my new poetry collection — my fourth — will be arriving in the world this coming August! It’s called Arabesque and will be published by FutureCycle Press. When we have the cover design, I’ll launch it here.


The Renaissance Club

Happy to say that wonderful reader reviews are coming in on Amazon and Goodreads. If you’re on Goodreads, and would like to read the novel, mark it To-Read and let me know. I’m planning a giveaway over the summer too. THE RENAISSANCE CLUB