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Time Travel Novels — Escape to Other Times

I love time travel novels that focus on love and mystery. Do you need a good read that lets you escape — lifting you out of your worries or concerns. Want to escape for a few evenings that’s romantic, adventurous, and emotionally satisfying? I know I need such stories right now. Here are three books I’ve read that combine all those elements — with a Youtube link to a song for each book! And all featuring time traveling heroines.

The Psychology of Time Travel by Kate Mascarenhas

Do you like challenging your brain? This story, with its many differnt timelines and four time traveling pioneers — women — might be for you. It’s several romances + a murder mystery + science fiction. Plan on serious binge-reading time, as you need to read this in a focused period. Listen to this while preparing your gray matter to follow the story’s twists and turns:

Here and Now and Then by Mike Chen

Romantic suspense in time travel – yes, please! This story is driven by a man’s wish to protect his family from the consequences of his time traveling mistakes. All the feels + what is it like to live two lives. Listen to this while pulling out tissues to sob into:

If She Had Stayed by Diane Byington

The mysterious genius Nicola Tesla may have invented time travel. IN Byington’s time travel novel, Tesla Museum director intends to find out, and isn’t above housebreaking to find Tesla artifacts, or even hurling herself through time to track down the truth. Sci-fi women’s fiction at its best. Listen to this before, after, or during your time traveling through this story.

Writers’ Corner – Help with Your Revising

If you’re working on a novel –time travel or otherwise — and you have reached the stage where you’re ready to begin revision – STOP. Don’t plan your revision until you read this book by editor Tiffany Yates Martin: Intuitive Editing: A Creative and Practical Guide to Revising Your Writing.

What I like about this book is the word “practical”. Martin gives many examples of the time-honored principles of crafting a story. With on an emphasis on character, she provides a workable blueprint

I’m working my way through the book as I start revising Timegathered, my time travel next book. As I consider it from the angle of a deep-dive into character, I’m finding all sorts of ways to show, rather than tell, who my protagonist and featured characters are. Beginning with an objective, editorial style read-through of the whole manuscript, not editing, only making notes, I’m discovering my own book as a reader approaching it for the first time.

For a romantic escape, here’s my magical realism + love + mystery novel, The Invisibles!

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