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Women’s Fiction Day 2020

Women’s Fiction Day is a day to celebrate stories, authors, readers, bookstores, and fans of women’s fiction. Women’s Fiction Writers Association. the founder of this international day, is offering a “Literary Treasure Hunt” — a BIG GIVEAWAY.

I’m celebrating with a GIVEAWAY of my book to five readers. Email me at if you’d like a free e-book of The Invisibles. The first five people will win a copy. A reader called this story of a divided sisters, called “poignant and timeless”. Be sure to include your email address.

What is women’s fiction? Wikipedia defines it as “Women’s fiction is an umbrella term for women centered books that focus on women’s life experience that are marketed to female readers, and includes many mainstream novels or women’s rights books.”

I like the definition that it’s mainstream fiction centered on stories of relationships and women’s issues. But really, what is men’s fiction? Until we define that, how can we separate women’s fiction from the category of simply “commercial fiction”? Nevertheless, fiction by women and about women is at the center of this genre. Most books I read are by women, with women protagonists. Here are some women’s fiction writers I love. You can see that even though their books fit the WF definition, they might fall into other genres too — really across the spectrum!

Kerry Lonsdale (thriller, suspense)
Sarah Addison Allen (magical realism)
Liane Moriarty (upmarket commercial)
Helen Hoang (romance)
Kate Mascarenhas (science fiction)
Lisa Grunwald (fantasy)