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Indie Author Do’s & Don’ts — my Collection #1

I knew the day would come, when I’d be an Indie author who had amassed a collection of Indie Author Do’s & Don’ts. Now I’m sharing my collection of Indie Author Do’s & Don’ts. How to promote your book but not leave your Muse behind in the process. Put your new work first!

I’ve spent four months reading like I was taking a degree in book marketing, and testing, testing, testing. I came up with some big, fat DO’S & DON’TS. Also, some important things TO ALWAYS REMEMBER TO DO. Read More “Indie Author Do’s & Don’ts — my Collection #1”

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Promote your novel using your own unique voice

Your novel is about to be published and you just googled ‘Promoting a Novel”. Then you became dizzy and disoriented reading all the articles. Novelists have an especially difficult time weeding through advice on book promotion because most is for nonfiction. Here’s a hint: fiction writers can build on their uniqueness. Read More “Promote your novel using your own unique voice”

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How to Build Buzz for Your Debut Novel

You’ve written a novel that’s been published — traditional, small press, or indie — HOORAY! And you launched. Now you’re watching the sales numbers and offering to do blog tours and readings. What else? How to build buzz for your debut novel? You look at author websites and see pitches for freebies and long lists […]

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How to stay sane as a writer

That’s perennial question, along with its corollary: Should writers be sane? Or is crazy really better for the work. If there’s one thing that drives every writer and poet I know crazy it’s the topic of publishing. Publishing is like hunting dragons — you’re not even sure they exist, you know you need some magical […]