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Unlikely Writing Places for Inspiration

Unlikely writing places for insiration? I’ve got tons. I write best in unlikely places, and I’m always looking for new ones. I’m also a peripatetic writer: Have Laptop Will Travel. Soemtimes changing where you write changes everything about what you write. Weird ones that work for me: the shower (I need a waterproof phone), my inside stairs (Christopher Robin complex?), the closet (see the movie THE MUSE). Yours?

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Inspiration, Ideas, and Empowering Your Creativity

I asked myself today why I’m writing a blog — and these words popped into my mind: inspiration, ideas, empowering your creativity. I write this as a writer’s journal, not a how-to write, not craft articles, and not how to query agents and get published. You can find better authorities on those things. This is where I accumulate my own personal sources for inspiration, ideas, and empower my own creativity. This is my personal writer’s diary, where I can refer back to things I’ve learned or found. The DIY Staycation Writer’s Retreat. All the romance novels set in Italy. Magical realism in poetry and fiction. Read More “Inspiration, Ideas, and Empowering Your Creativity”

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Onward and Ice Cream – Surviving As a Writer

It’s my motto for surviving as a writer and a creative — Onward & Ice Cream! Plus, persistence and writing community. Three essentials for writer survival.

One of my writer pals was even nice enough to create this graphic for me. This is my banner as I ride into battle with the hope of conquest in finding a publisher or agent to champion my writing and the many stories I’m planning. Read More “Onward and Ice Cream – Surviving As a Writer”

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Promote your novel using your own unique voice

Your novel is about to be published and you just googled ‘Promoting a Novel”. Then you became dizzy and disoriented reading all the articles. Novelists have an especially difficult time weeding through advice on book promotion because most is for nonfiction. Here’s a hint: fiction writers can build on their uniqueness. Read More “Promote your novel using your own unique voice”

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Love stories — 3 reasons we adore them

Love stories — three reasons we adore them: 1) love is essential to wellbeing, 2) stories are essential maneuvering through life, and 3) every love is unique. Are our brains hardwired for stories? Story Genius author and master story coach Lisa Cron thinks humans evolved by learning how to solve problems through hearing stories. And if there’s one big problem in your life, it probably has the tag “love” on it. Read More “Love stories — 3 reasons we adore them”

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Writers — 5 Tips to Balance Your Creative Life

These 5 tips for balancing your creative life and your published author life might just help save your sanity. Every day when I wake up, I wonder whether I should be the writer or the author — should I spend my time on my new work-in-progress or promote my novel, The Renaissance Club. Creating and promoting are two different mindsets, thiough both involve creativity. Read More “Writers — 5 Tips to Balance Your Creative Life”

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Author Chat – Four Womens Fiction Writers Sharing Secrets of Success

I was thrilled to be part of the first Women’s Fiction Writers Association quarterly Author Happy Hour, sharing secrets of success — and lots of the struggle along the way — with three other wonderful novelists who have recently published books.

Click the link above to watch the Youtube!

We laughed and talked about the whole process of writing and publishing, the writing life, and our own unique formulas for approaching the creative act. Read More “Author Chat – Four Womens Fiction Writers Sharing Secrets of Success”

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Writing Tip — Two Types of Characters in Stories

Can there only be two types of characters in stories? I’ve read many articles about types of stories, claiming that there are a limited number of stories in existence. I don’t believe it. Not for a second. There are as many stories as there are human beings — and humanity is changing all the time. Read More “Writing Tip — Two Types of Characters in Stories”

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Happy Hour Chat — Four Authors, And I’m One!

I’m thrilled to be part of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association first ever quarterly Author Happy Hour. Thursday, March 22, at 7 pm Eastern Time (4 pm PacificDaylight) I was on live video, answering questions and chatting with three other women’s fiction authors! Here’s the event link — now archived on Youtube. Read More “Happy Hour Chat — Four Authors, And I’m One!”