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Inspiration, Ideas, and Empowering Your Creativity

I asked myself today why I’m writing a blog — and these words popped into my mind: inspiration, ideas, empowering your creativity. I write this as a writer’s journal, not a how-to write, not craft articles, and not how to query agents and get published. You can find better authorities on those things. This is where I accumulate my own personal sources for inspiration, ideas, and empower my own creativity. This is my personal writer’s diary, where I can refer back to things I’ve learned or found. The DIY Staycation Writer’s Retreat. All the romance novels set in Italy. Magical realism in poetry and fiction.

Sources of Inspiration – Where to Find Ideas

Today I’m searching for inspiration for my current work-in-progress, a prequel to my novel The Renaissance Club. Looking for ideas is what writers do every day of their writing lives. And every day, the hill seems steeper to climb. You might look for inspiration in these places and activities that work for me:

  1. Local cafe. Listen to what people at other tables are talking about — are they gossiping, arguing, flirting, debating, and how do they express themselves?
  2. Steal without plagiarizing. Look at a book you can’t forget to see what it was about the main character that grabbed you. Read in the middle to find stuff that happens that you can import as the same but different into your story.
  3. Facebook and Twitter. The strangest conversations and story summaries I’ve ever seen can be found in social media. Bad plot ideas and character descriptions can lend themselves to being tweaked into good ones. Strangess abounds.
  4. Amazon. Other novels’ descriptions, titles, even reader reviews.
  5. Take a walk. Observe, observe, observe the environment in detail and write it down. If nothing else, it will cleanse the creative palate for the sudden appearance of an IDEA.
  6. Still stuck? Take a nap. Just before you fall asleep, think of your main character and the chapter you’re struggling with. Guaranteed you’ll awaken with an idea.