Girl Reading by Lamplight

Reading by LampLight by George Clausen, 1909

I’ve been a bit absent from this blog — for explanation see this mysterious, lovely painting. I’ve been a Girl Reading by LampLight, only in my case the light is that of my Kindle. It’s amazing how enriching it is to read stories of every kind. I give myself permission to stop doing and have an hour of being when I read. Being witness to a life, whether fictonal or not. Reading stories is literally good exercise for our brains, the scientists say. It also increases empathy. Here’s a list of the recent books that have kept me from writing blog posts here:

The Ocean at the End of the Lane — Neil Gaiman
Plot Perfect — Paula Munier
Time’s Convert – Deborah Harkness
The Next Best Thing — Jennifer Weiner
When It All Goes Still — Allison Mullinax
Kinglet — Donna Migliaccio
Uprooted — Naomi Novik
Everything We Give — Kerry Lonsdale
Upstream: Selected Essays –  Mary Oliver

As you can see, heavy on fantasy and women’s fiction, my lane of writing too (see my novel The Renaissance Club). I love stories that lift me out of the “oprdinary” world (which isn’t ordinary at all if you look closely enough), and stories that inspire me to be giving, brave, and loving.

I’ve read too many books on how to promote your own book to mention here. I’ll post another article on craft books focused on plot, as I’ve devoured a bunch. Also a post on book marketing and promotion. I’ve devoured a bunch of those too, and find most of it suited only to authors of romance and thrillers, categories where readers devour stories. A lot of devouring involved in reading!

Write and let me know of your favorite reads this season.