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Unlikely Writing Places for Inspiration

Unlikely writing places for insiration? I’ve got tons. I write best in unlikely places, and I’m always looking for new ones. I’m also a peripatetic writer: Have Laptop Will Travel. Soemtimes changing where you write changes everything about what you write. Weird ones that work for me: the shower (I need a waterproof phone), my inside stairs (Christopher Robin complex?), the closet (see the movie THE MUSE). Yours?

Have you tried writing while walking and talking ideas into your smartphone? That’s what the iPhone Notes app was made for. Heaven for a writer whose fingers are getting cramped from all the typing. Bliss for a poet who wants to observe the natural and built environment while writing about settings. Paradise for the plotter suddenly seeing the overview of her story.

Unlikely Writing Places Outside the Home

Of course, cafes. But did you know that Mcdonald’s has a fabulous brewed coffee for just $1? And good Wi-fi, too, plus no one will chase you out. in my town, we have a plethora of places to buy coffee and linger, while working on a laptop. Maybe 20 or so spots to choose from. I migrate around them when I’m in the writing outside mood.

Bus benches. Seriously. I’ve been known. Of course, on a train or subway is a fantastic place. Being in motion really works for my inspiration. As long as I’m not driving. DO NOT dictate on your phone while driving. It’s really dangerous to lose yourself that way.

Speaking of outside, writing in the open air is my FAVORITE place. Wherever I can get a chair and if it’s warm, some shade, I can write.

Unlikely Writing Places Inside Your Home

I’ve even written in the laundry room while waiting for clothes to dry.

The kitchen. A counter is a good standing desk. If you set your laptop on a clean, dry counter while preparing or cooking on other counters and the stove, you might find yourself able to well describe a scene involving food. The smells, the colors, the tastes.

Anywhere but my office, because if I try to write in there, it just feels like work. I’m a rebellious writer. I don’t want to be told I’m WORKING. I want to feel that when I’m writing I’m having FUN. When I was writing The Renaissance Club one of my favorite spots was a local cafe that’s about a block from the library — another great writing spot. The hush! The research material! And a cafe downstairs in the library itself. Writer swoon!

What are your favorite places to write? Write to me and let me know of your unlikely spots, and I’ll do a follow-up blog with more ideas.