13 Contemporary Poets

I’m delighted to be included in this new Video Wiki of 13 Creative Contemporary Poets! And very honored to be included alongside poets I’ve long admired, it was also a surprise to be in a new form of video wiki! It’s created by Wiki Ezvid, a company developing, as their tagline tells it, “The World’s Video Wiki”. They say it’s now the largest video wiki.

The article includes a video, clickable bio and book links for each poet, plus an article on poetry, and a short list of poetry organizations. Another video summarizes why poetic patterns appeal to our brains. A very appealing entry!

Featured in it are links to my two most recent poetry books Arabesque and Gods of Water and Air. The article also links to my novel The Renaissance Club.

Thanks to the editors and creators of Wiki.Ezvid.com for including me in your picks of 13 contemporary poets!