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A Bounty of Happy Readers = One Happy Author

It’s always thrilling and inspiring for this author to read reader reviews of The Renaissance Club. Here’s a sample harvest of comments that delighted me and made me want to dig in and finish the next in this Timegathering series of magical realism fiction!

Thanks to the 44 readers who thoughtfully left comments on Amazon. If you’ve read the book and want to add a review, click on the link above. If you haven’t read it and want a copy — ditto!

“Really enjoyed the whimsy of time travel and the growth of May to chart a new and different course among the beauty of the art long gone by. What awaits is a wonderful excuse to while away some hours as May gets to spend time with her beloved muse of the Renaissance time.”

“This book is full of sparkling descriptions of incredible works of art and equally incredible landscapes, in which these two women find their true purpose. I think I now have a crush on Bernini. But what I really want to know is, how can I book a tour with George?”

“I enjoyed The Renaissance Club immensely. I lived in Italy for several years and have seen the art works and the museums, etc., that Dacus captures so well. Like the members of the club, in the company of an art historian spouse, I’ve stood in awe before Michelangelo’s David and Bernini’s Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence. Thus I can verify that Dacus’s art historical/travelogue perspective is excellent. She captures the essence of Rome, Florence, Venice, and other cities the tour visits.”

“Rachel Dacus has written a wonderful first novel – full of adventure and wonder.. It touches that intrigue I feel so often about what someone from the past would feel about today and how life would appear if we could go back in time to encounter the great artists of the past.”

“I was delighted by The Renaissance Club, a melange of romance, history, and a soupçon of science fantasy. I especially enjoyed it because I too took a similar tour of Italy and the book sparked many happy memories. The cherry on the sundae is all the information about my favorite sculptor, Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Rachel Dacus has manifested her passions of poetry, art, and fiction as an ambitious and enjoyable first novel.”

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