Publishers Weekly Reviews The Renaissance Club

The review called my time travel novel it “a lovely to-and-fro escape through time.”. Thanks to BookLife at Publishers Weekly for a sparkling review! Here’s the link.

The reviewer says, “This story of art and artists across time is peppered with colorful characters, sexy interludes, and instances of poetic prose. “It’s a perfect fit for art lovers seeking a lovely to-and-fro escape through time.”

I’m going to use that quote in as many places as I can! I’ve been made just as happy by every single reader review on Amazon, all 43 (and counting) of them. The fact that anyone who reads the book goes to the trouble to write about it puts a crazy grin on my face that can last for days or even weeks.

Thanks to all my readers! To celebrate, I’m offering readers of this post a peek at my next novel, THE INVISIBLES. Here’s a link to Chapter One.