Onward and Ice Cream – Surviving As a Writer

It’s my motto for surviving as a writer and a creative — Onward & Ice Cream! Plus, persistence and writing community. Three essentials for writer survival.

One of my writer pals was even nice enough to create this graphic for me. This is my banner as I ride into battle with the hope of conquest in finding a publisher or agent to champion my writing and the many stories I’m planning. The Onward motto is for persistence — how it pays a writer at every stage of creating, publishing, and promoting a work. Ice cream because — well, sometimes you just need something to soothe your hackles. Toast works too.

Articles that have helped me survive and thrive:

Have More Fun (Stop Worrying and Obeying) – Jane Friedman

Confessions from a Weary Writer – Julia Monroe Martin

I especially like Julia Monroe Martin’s article, for its candor, the weariness I share, and its wisdom. Read to the end to get the payoff you need to move onward, and if ice cream is involved, I’m not here to judge.

Why  a seagull? Just because. For fun.