Blogs to Get Your Writer Mojo Working

Blogs about writing are like my morning newspaper, they get my writer mojo. Each day, I wake  up and read  stuff on my phone while I’m still in bed, and into the coffee phase of waking up. I have a writing practice of using the first two  hours of  the day for my creative self — drafting new chapters, poems, story ideas, and editing works in progress. To get into the swim, I read about writing.

In my sidebar, I list and link some great blogs about writing and the process of becoming an author. These bl;ogs and author or poet sites that are my go-to content providers. The newspapers of my writing world. I’m grateful  to each and every one for writing these blogs, sharing their journey, their craft tips and writing ideas, as well as insights and strategies to navigate the difficult industry of publishing. Thank you, writers, for your generosity! We are a community.

I’m an especially avid reader of Jane Friedman, Writer Unboxed, and the fabulous Book Doctors. They also have a Youtube channel that often makes me laugh so hard it’s dangerous to drink coffee while listening.  For fascinating, quirky, informative, and poetic  thoughts on  being a poet, Jeannine Blogs from Jeannine Hall Gailey will rock your writer world.

Today, I’ve added a new one to my sidebar list:

Dan Blank’s WeGrowMedia Blog —  The title sounds like one of those publicity firms that pushes you to use their canned strategy to sell more books (Sorry, Dan!) but in fact it’s a comprehensive, personal blog that covers every aspect of the writing life from the best places to choose as your writing office, to what silences your creativity. Thoughtful articles make me think more about my choices as a writer and an author. One of the posts he made that I loved rereading — I had read Delilah Dawson’s thread on Twitter — was about author expectations after you publish your debut novel. It talked me back into the joy  of writing for those readers who do find and love my book and eagerly hope for the next one. The blog can be found  here.

Check out the blogs on my sidebar — have a writerly Labor Day (that means reading too).