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Time-traveling in Italy

While researching time-travel novels as I work on my novel, The Renaissance Club,  I saw that Google can grab plenty of articles that answer the question, “When is the best time to travel to Italy?” But none answered, “The Seventeenth Century.” It seems Rick Steeves and Frommer’s can’t propel me back in time to the Renaissance and Baroque to watch splendors of art and architecture arise from the workshops of  Gianlorenzo Bernini and his competitors. That’s where I set my lyrical adventure and love story. With plenty of Italy atmosphere, and today I’m coming up with some finishing touches (fine-tuning of language). Thinking about the next time-travel adventure story, involving colonial America, and George St. James, the time-wielding travel guide. And still thinking of this guy.

Cavaliere Gianlorenzo Bernini


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