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Women’s Fiction Day 2020

Women’s Fiction Day is a day to celebrate stories, authors, readers, bookstores, and fans of women’s fiction. Women’s Fiction Writers Association. the founder of this international day, is offering a “Literary Treasure Hunt” — a BIG GIVEAWAY. I’m celebrating with a GIVEAWAY of my book to five readers. Email me at if you’d like […]

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Time Travel Novels — Escape to Other Times

I love time travel novels that focus on love and mystery. Do you need a good read that lets you escape — lifting you out of your worries or concerns. Want to escape for a few evenings that’s romantic, adventurous, and emotionally satisfying? I know I need such stories right now. Here are three books I’ve read that combine all those elements — with a Youtube link to a song for each book!

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Writing Through a Pandemic

How to write through a pandemic? My every-damn-day-writing habit, cultivated during National Novel Writing Month three years ago, that’s how I’m doing it. Yes, I have days when my head is full of clouds rather than words. And then I have mornings when the light coming through my East-facing window seems to waft golden ideas […]

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Why Women’s Fiction and Magical Realism Pair So Well

I’m celebrating today, RELEASE DAY for my new women’s fiction and magical realism novel, The Invisibles. To celebrate, I’ve published an article in the online magazine Women Writers, Women’s Books. It’s about the naturalness of supernatural elements in women’s fiction. Magical realism is one form, and my favorite, for its blending of the mundane with […]

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Magical realism book review: Time After Time

I bought Time After Time by Lisa Grunwald because it was listed on Amazon under Time Travel Romance. I’d say Amazon should invent a new category: Magical Realism Romance. This captivating love story, set in a meticulously detailed historic Grand Central Station, itself an otherworldly but actual setting, is in a class by itself. Nora […]