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Bookish Mystery and Ghost Story — new review!

I love this short review of my new novel about sisters, with a ghost story! Just in time for the season of mystery, ghosts, and the afterlife.

“THE INVISIBLES charms as both bookish mystery and ghost story, but it’s Dacus’s deft portrayal of the love and strain between sisters that will keep many readers on the edge of their seat.” – Willa Ramsey, Everything But The Earl

You can find out about the mystery and follow the dysfunctional sisterhood of THE INVISIBLES on Amazon, in ebook or print.

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Ellie had written a solemn ceremony, as if Dad would have enjoyed the pomp. Okay, maybe he was enjoying it, but Saffron knew he was hating being dead. She could tell by the purple glimmers that swarmed over his casket that Dad was disturbed by his situation, but he’d soon grow calm. — from THE INVISIBLES