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Book Trailer — Love, Art & Time Travel

I’m so happy that The Renaissance Club’s book trailer captures my novel’s romance and intrigue — elements I worked hard to put into the story. It’s a love story, but also an adventure. The idea was to challenge readers with the idea of going back in time to meet your hero from a past era, and what if that figure was also romantically appealing? But if you really could go back in time, what changes might occur or be possible — in your life and in his?

Fiery Seas Publishing captured the flavor of that romantic adventure and the suspense of its outcome with this wonderful book trailer! The images, music and captions reflected these themes well.

And I love the music they chose, romantic and lush, descriptive of the passion for art and one artist in particular that my heroine May Gold carries, which propels her into the 17th century. With a little help from a time travel guide, George St. James. He’s escorting her tour group, The Renaissance Club, through Italy and decides to arrange a personal tour in time for aspiring art historian and poet May.


Resources and Ideas for Making Your Own Book Trailer

There are many resources and services now to make book trailers. I’m thinking of making a couple more for my book. Here are a few resources you might want to check out:

Adazing’s Book Trailer Templates

6 Tips on Making a Trailer from Writer’s Digest

Joanna Penn’s 11 Tips on Making a Good Book Trailer

Have some fun with scripting and producing your trailer! And as everyone says, keep it short and don’t try to make a mini-movie. That said, there are places where you can download video clips to include. So it doesn’t have to be all static images, though I’ve seen great trailers that had no video.