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The Renaissance Club Is Available for Pre-Order!

Pre-order THE RENAISSANCE CLUB, my time-travel, romantic novel.

Would you give up everything, even the time in which you live, to be with your soul mate?

That’s the question my main character, May Gold, has to ask herself when her adventures in Italy in The Renaissance Club bring her face-to-face with her idol, 17th century genius sculptor Gianlorenzo Bernini. She has always admired — maybe more than admired — the fiery, expressive artist who could make marble come alive. What would you do if you could meet the historical person you most admire?

Click the link below to get a preview:

The Renaissance Club – Book Trailer

Pre-Ordering Options

I’m thrilled to share that you can pre-order it, in either ebook or paperback, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iBooks. Delivery date will be the official release: January 23. If you grabĀ  a copy now, you’ll do a sort of time-traveling yourself, having it in your hands in January, when it releases. You can congratulate your past self for giving you a New Year’s present! Perfect for a cozy read during winter nights.

Publishing a First Novel Feels Like Para-Sailing

I’m asking myself how it feels having my first novel come out. The answer is that it’s like stepping off the edge of a cliff with a parasail attached. No, I’ve never done that, and I have a huge fear of heights. But in my writerly imagination, I could do that. And if I had trained and practiced, I know I’d feel this wild mixture of elation, nervousness, and pure joy I’m feeling now.

Above all, publishing my first novel makes me want to write more fiction! When I was a nervous wreck last November over sending out The Renaissance Club to agents and publishers, that’s what I did. I started writing a new book. Now, I’m almost done with a second pass of revising my work-in-progress, The Romantics, the story of two half-sisters who clash over inheriting from their celebrity professor father a cottage in Italy, along with its resident ghost, the poet Percy Bysse Shelley.

Writing Several Projects At Once

Do you write more than one project at a time? It’s an absolute requirement for my writing practice. When I go stale on one WIP, I switch to another. I also write poetry and drama, so I always have a poem, scene, or character developing in my subconscikous. Right now, I’m thinking about writing a novella — a prequel to The Renaissance Club. How did my time-travelers’ guide, George St. James, get into the business of guiding others through time? And how did he come to the philosophy that his time travel gift should only be used to help others. Saint Francis might have something to do with it. Stay tuned. Time’s Wily Thief might just become my next writing thing.

As we barrel toward 2018, what do you have in the works? Would you share any reading or writing ideas here? I’d love to hear.

Have wonderful holidays — and don’t forget to save time for reading!


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