Writing on a Holiday – Dodging Parties to Get to the Writing Desk

By Writing Holiday, I of course mean Writing ON a Holiday. Holidays are better known as Writer’s Retreats, for all writers truly addicted to their art seize on the first amount of free time to face the blank page. Or the written page that desperately needs revising.

Novel writing occurs over an extended period of a year or more. Long form story writing requires you to visit your work as often as possible — that’s my main writing tip to novelists! Novelists are like that Beach Blanket Babylon lady who carries the whole city of San Francisco on her hat. We carry our long, complicated stories around in our brains months and even years.

Writing fiction is a complex business, even in short forms, like short story or novella. You juggle many layers: character, event, setting, backstory, and tone, in every sentence. You devour books and articles on writing tips, fiction craft,

And then once you’re done you become an encyclopedia on book publishing, publishing companies, book marketing, book clubs, and social media.

So happy Labor Day — or whatever holiday is coming up! Use it well as a writer, and enjoy your literary laboring. I’m sure you’ll find an hour or so, even if you have to get through a holiday party to get back to your writing desk.


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