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Publishing a Novel — Not Quite Torture, but Bearing Some Resemblance

Is she in ecstasy or torture?

 Does she look like she’s in ecstasy or torture? She must be a writer of fiction conteomplating current avenues of publication because where there was once a clear path to authorship, fame, and fortune, now … 100 articles on how to publish OR see a fabulous, must-own publishing guide by The Book Doctors and Jane Friedman’s advice on publishing.

So you studied all that, and now you’re ready to query, submit, do the waiting, make the changes, query, resubmit, keep an open mind without losing your vision, and … WOW! You got a nibble, an offer, or even YES! a contract.

It’s time to break out the champagne, do the Fred Astaire ceiling dance, throw a party, think up your next creative project, and in general be a happy writer for all of a week. 

Then comes the acceptance

And then reality sets in.

This is not the end of the publishing adventure. Not by a long shot. There’s the marketing, the supporting a new book, figuring out the whole social media thing, how to get the word out to your friends and theirs. It’s all so confusing, so daunting, and so … MUCH.

But there are guides to help you along to building audience. Here are some resources for all of that: Book Marketing 101 and Social Media Marketing for Indie Authors. 

And remember, we’re in this together. We’re writers and readers, and we can do this.

If all that is making your eyes cross and your brain hurt, just stare at this image for 20 seconds, close your eyes, and mediate on #booklaunch #success and remember your writing will find readers. Believe!

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