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Superheroes and Imaginary Giraffes

Starting off with two of my recent fantasy/fairytale/science-fiction poems, I’m starting what will be a  great summer run of poem publications. Gingerbread House has just published my poem “Transparency” about a superhero dead-drunk on dilithium crystals and impossible to manage. Sharad Haksar‘s “Superhero,” that accompanies the poem, is fantastic!

Mockingheart Review, a new publication under the direction of Clare L. Martin, began the sequence with publishing my poems “Giraffes” about a mythical herd that inhabits my livingroom, along with “Pure” and “The Gods Among Us,” also mystical/mythically inclined. Thanks to Clare for selecting these poems. They’re among my newest poems and currently most favorite — as the newest always are, often pointing the way to a new direction in writing, which I hope these will for me.

I have more work forthcoming in three more journals over the summer, and one more in the fall. I’ve been a lucky poet! Because as we poets and writers know, it’s 99% luck, but you can’t get a seat at the table if you don’t first play the game of hard work and insane persistence.

Happy summer writing! 

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