The Invisibles, a novel of sisterhood, spirits, and family secrets, is out now! Available in ebook and paperback exclusively on Amazon.

Two feuding half-sisters inherit a cottage on the Italian coast, along with its resident spirit and a secret manuscript. Their rivalry explodes through a struggle for control of their haunted house, but Italy infuses its magic into them until a shocking night changes everything for the sisters and their friends.

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The Renaissance Club, my first novel was reviewed by Publishers Weekly and called “a delightful dance between present-day and Renaissance Italy … a perfect fit for art lovers seeking a lovely to-and-fro escape through time.”

My newest poetry collection is Arabesque. “Rachel Dacus’ poetry sings and celebrates the body and spirit in form and function, freedom and flight.” —Jeff Santosuosso, Editor-in-Chief, Panoply.

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Poetry collection by Rachel Dacus

“Rachel Dacus’ poetry sings and celebrates the body and spirit in form and function, freedom and flight. Throughout this world of journey and process, here and there, she acclaims what underlies, immutable.” — Jeff Santosuosso, Editor-in-Chief, Panoply.

“What a treat! Poems that float off the lips and tongue and into the soul.” – Amazon Review

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