A timeless and poignant story
of sisterhood and spirits

Two feuding half-sisters inherit a cottage on the Italian coast, along with its resident spirit and a secret manuscript. Can a dead poet help them find new lives? “A joyful and poetic read” … “charming and scary” …”a bookish mystery and ghost story … On Amazon: The Invisibles



 All the doorways to happiness
seem blocked —
except the shimmering doorway in time.

The time travel tale of a young art historian’s quest to meet her hero from the past, 17th century Italian sculptor Bernini. Can May and her idol share a foothold in time? “Enchanting, rich and romantic.” – Bestselling author Kerry Lonsdale. On Amazon: The Renaissance Club

Poetry collection by Rachel Dacus

Poetry Collections

“Rachel Dacus’ poetry sings and celebrates the body and spirit in form and function, freedom and flight. Throughout this world of journey and process, here and there, she acclaims what underlies, immutable.” — Jeff Santosuosso, Editor-in-Chief, Panoply.

“What a treat! Poems that float off the lips and tongue and into the soul.” – Amazon Review

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