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The Renaissance Club is my contemporary romance novel set in Italy. Bestselling author Kerry Lonsdale called it “Enchanting, rich, and romantic, a poetic journey through the folds of time.” Fans of Susanna Kearsley and Diana Gabaldon will love this magical realism romance, the story of a passionate 17th century artist who meets his superfan from the future.

New reviews of my recent poetry book Arabesque, (FutureCycle Press, 2018):

“Rachel Dacus’ poetry sings and celebrates the body and spirit in form and function, freedom and flight. Throughout this world of journey and process, here and there, she acclaims what underlies, immutable.” —Jeff Santosuosso, Editor-in-Chief, Panoply.

“Dacus displays fine control of the traditional image of the bird/poet, making the goldfinch a personal emblem. A number of the poems in Arabesque demonstrate this caliber of art.” — Maria Rouphail’s review in The Pedestal Magazine

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May Gold, a young art historian, slips through a fold in time while traveling in Italy. She meets her artist hero from the past — but will May’s adventure in time ruin her life, or lead to a magical new one? Find out — pick up your copy today or read on Kindle Unlimited. Can love conquer even time?

“Enchanting, rich and romantic.”
– Kerry Lonsdale, bestselling author of Everything We Keep and the Everything series.

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The Renaissance Club, a novel


Poetry collection by Rachel Dacus

Praise for the Poetry

“Rachel Dacus’ poetry sings and celebrates the body and spirit in form and function, freedom and flight. Throughout this world of journey and process, here and there, she acclaims what underlies, immutable.” — Jeff Santosuosso, Editor-in-Chief, Panoply.

“Rachel Dacus directs her steady gaze on art’s meticulous and sometimes maddening labor, on the deep grief and explosive beauty of a daughter’s attachment to her fading father.” – Deema Shehabi, author, Thirteen Departures from the Moon

“What a treat! Poems that float off the lips and tongue and into the soul.” – Amazon Review

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Gods of Water and Air by Rachel Dacus, poetry book




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San Francisco Bay area author and poet, Rachel DacusI love writing in many forms: poems, novels, plays, memoirs, and essays. My work has appeared in journals that include Atlanta Review, Boulevard, Prairie Schooner, and Valparaiso Poetry Review. I live in the San Francisco area, where I pretend I’m a tourist, sampling the natural beauty, diverse culture, the beautiful city, the fresh air and water, and of course scads of wineries. This all reminds of Italy, where I often set my stories.

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