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It’s lonely at the writer’s desk, and I’m sure you’ve felt it, wherever yours is, even if yours (like mine) is sometimes a noisy cafe. We can’t write alone. That’s what I’ve learned about writing. Whether you write poetry, fiction, nonfiction, blog posts, or (like my husband) the Facebook equivalent of standup comedy, you need other writers to do what you do. We collaborate, support, read for each other, and just generally make this odd thing we do less lonely. Here are some resources for working writers — let me know if any of them are useful, or if you have anything to add.


What a Writer Can Learn from Hamilton, the Musical — Pacing, Pacing, Pacing

Surviving NaNoWriMo 50K Words in 30 Days — Yes, You Can!

Holidays Are for Reading & Writing — As Well As Eating & Socializing

Poetry’s Consoling Power in These Uncertain Times

Which Publishing Path Is Right for You and Your Book?

Writing disciplines — how to create your magical writing time and space, daily, weekend, or luxurious stretches of days, a la writing vacation:

DIY Writing Retreats, or StayWriCations

Rachel Giesel’s “What I Learned from My DIY Writing Retreat”

For those moments when your fingers are hovering above the keyboard, but not pressing down, and your brain is in search of inspiration:

Romantic writing prompts on Pinterest

Have More Fun Writing – Jane Friedman

Women’s Fiction & Why It Isn’t Romance Fiction – This Happened to Me Too!

Writing and publishing sites to check often:

Writer Unboxed

Writers Helping Writers

Jane Friedman – Writing & Publishing in the Digital Age


Squeezing into a Box — Fitting Into a Fiction Category

Going Indie? How to Navigate Self-Publishing

Jane Friedman On How To Build Long-Lasting Traffic To YOUR website

The wonderful publishing guru has an incredible storehouse of useful articles on subjects of fascination to writers. This one has simple and practical points that will definitely build your traffic.


Bookbub’s Pick of 29 Great Author Websites
BookBub the best-known service that offers a free daily email on discounted ebooks, has picked an array of website from successful authors for whom their site is the hub of their online marketing. If you want to sell books, build an author platform, create a following for your blog or newsletter. take a look at these and be inspired.


Small presses that publish poetry books outside of contests. To be on this list, a press must publish more than four books per year, require no outlay of funds by the author (other than reasonable reading fees), and operate professionally — reputable editing, a professional website, and a national distribution system (which may include No presses with a very narrow geographic or thematic focus. Please let me know of other presses with open-door policies! And support small press publishing by buying books.

8th House Publishing
Ahsahta Press (May – $10 reading fee)
Anhinga Press (Query)
Anvil Press (Canadian poets only)
Apogee Press (Query)
Arktoi Books (Welcomes submissions from lesbian authors)
Arte Publico Press (Hispanic cultural issues and themes
Bear Star Press (publishes poets in Mountain and Pacific time zones, as well as Alaska and Hawaii. September – November. $20 reading fee)
Black Lawrence Press (June and November open reading)
Black Ocean Press (June)
BlazeVOX Books
BkMk Press
(February – June. Query with samples.)
BOA Editions (American Poets Continuum – must have published at least one book)
Brick Road Poetry Press (temporarily suspended open reading – check after August, 2013)
Broadstone Books
Brooklyn Arts Press (June)
Canarium Books (October, 2013)
Carnegie Mellon University Press (October)
CavanKerry Press (Deadline: March 31, 2013, $20 reading fee.)
City Lights Books
Cooper Dillon Books ($10 reading fee or buy a book and support a small press)
Copper Canyon Press ($35 fee)
Counterpath Press
Dream Horse Press ($10 reading fee)
Ekstasis Editions (Canadian authors only)
Emmerson Street Press
Etruscan Press ($20 reading fee)
Furniture Press Books
Four Way Books (June)
Future Cycle Press
Gold Wake Press
Grayson Books
High Plains Press (“Poetry of the American West”)
HolyCow! Press
House of Anansi Press (Canadian authors only)
Ibbetson Street Press
Kelsay Books (includes imprints: Alabaster Leaves, White Violet, Aldrich Press, Daffodowndilly)
Kore Press
(Literature by women. Jan. 1 – Feb. 28. $35 reading fee)
Manic D Press
Marick Press

Mayapple Press (Reading fee)
Mongrel Empire Press (Oklahoma authors)
MoonPath Press
Measure Press
Milkweed Editions
New Binary Press
Northwestern University Press
Octopus Books(April. $10 reading fee.)
Persea Books (July)
Pitt Poetry Series (September & October)
Port Yonder Press (poetry, fiction, and nonfiction – February)
Press 53 (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction; November open reading)
Red Bridge Press
Salmon Poetry
Sixteen Rivers Press
 (San Francisco Bay Area collective press; 3-year membership required)
Solid Objects
Split Oak Press
Steel Toe Books
Tarpaulin Sky Press
Terrapin Press ($12 reading fee)
Trembling Pillow Press ($15 reading fee)
Tupelo Press (July open reading – $28 reading fee)
Waywiser Press
(authors with two or more books can submit between March 1 and June1)




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