Bloghopping – Sunday meandering

Diane Lockward’s marvelous Blogalicious has an interesting exploration of Diane’s poem about a bumblebee, and how Adele Kenny blogged about it and it found its way into an Italian translation. Diane even has a movie of the poem. I love it when poems transmogrify into other things — videos, illustrations to an illustration, and increasingly little animated movies.

Speaking of Adele Kenny, her blog has an intriguing poetry prompt today about towns and home. And if you’re looking for more poetry prompts, Jeff Newberry has a list of 15 prompts I really like. They’re quirky but not weird-quirky, food for thought but not pedantic. One of the them already started off something that has been bouncing around in my head: “Write about your favorite day of the week.” Mine’s Saturday. Because it’s so far from Monday.

Happy Sunday!

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