Why You Need to Read This Now!

A great title gets us reading

with a good title as a good first line. Or maybe just as hard — first lines also bear the full weight of the reader’s entry — and have at times despaired over that blank space where the title should go.

When I wrote my article The Challenge of the Title, published by Avatar Review, essays on creating titles have proliferated, along with the need for titles because of the Internet. So if you’re at the stuck place and need a little help jumpstarting your title search, here are a few interesting essays for writers on titles:

First from the wonderful PubCrawl, a how-to: How to Create a Fantastic Book Title
I specially like the index card exercise!

Thoughtful comments on titling from poet Alberto Rios in “Titling a Poem, Titling Anything.”

And if your muse is really exhausted and just wants to take a nap, let the Random Poem Title Generator do the work. Lake Dazzle is my favorite so far. See what you get by simply pressing the button. (I may write a poem for that title.)

The visual? To celebrate once you’ve created your fantastic title. Cheers!

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