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Rain and a discount on Gods of Water and Air – email

I can’t claim that my twelve potted roses have been dessicated over the past three years, but California surely has been dessicated. I’ve worried about friendly trees and watched lawns become weed patches. So early this morning, the sound of a steady, soaking rain (as we used to call it back when we had rain) […]

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In My Purse Today: Writing Conferences

In my purse today: writing conferences, virtual and onsite. While the Associated Writing Programs 2014 Conference rages on in Seattle (the verb is apt), I was on a panel discussion of a wonderful online writing workshop on Facebook. I never left my comfortable chair to go through a security line and drafty airports, but I […]

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Chopin Reigns

A rain dance poem from Gods of Water and Air. Rain can be like Chopin, all piano strings and syncopated pauses, geometryof blings under wheels and rubber heels.Sudden baptism from branches.Drooled harmonies. On your neck, wetstrings slithering like kisses. Ringsaround drops that plop into pools: ting,ting, ting, ting. Scriabin zitheringloss up your edges, a musical […]