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My Exciting Blog Tour — The Art of Promoting a Book, Part 1

My novel, The Renaissance Club, has been very well launched! My wonderful publisher, Fiery Seas, not only threw a five-day virtual launch party, but also organized a 31-day blog book tour! These book reviewing blogs feature excerpts, author interviews, reviews, and Q&As with authors.They’re the online equivalent to flying the author around the country to appear at bookstores to sign and read from their books.

In the new world of social media and virtual appearances, book blog tougs are a new, great way to spread the word about your book.

The advantages of a blog tour for The Renaissance Club are largely the advantages of online publicity versus traditional newspaper and magazine coverage: low cost, ease of preparation, longterm impact. I didn’t even have to wait through a security line! Or find a crushable hat to pack. Or decide what to wear for two weeks that would fit into a rolling suitcase.

Rachel Dacus in Venice, Italy, 1991.
Rachel in Venice, Italy, 1991.

An introvert’s dream, the blog book tour also boasts attractive features for book promotion for authors with inflexible schedules that don’t permit a multi-city book tour. Here are the basic advantages of a blog tour for promoting your book:

LOW COST. No travel expenses, no hotel, meals, airfare.

ADVANCE PREPARATION. The work can be done ahead of time — preparing book excerpts, answering interview questions, creating an author bio.

SOCIAL MEDIA SHARING! This is perhaps one of the greatest advantages. While it might be fun to post a photo of yourself signing books in a store, such posts don’t direct people to online retail outlets to impulse-buy your book. A blog tour stop can be linked directly to Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc.

PERPETUAL ADVERTISING. The blog post lives on the Internet. You can link to it again and again in social media.

I was fortunate that my publisher organized my blog tour, but you can arrange your own as an author. To give an idea of what a book blog tour stop looks like, here are a few of my latest stops — with thanks to the book bloggers for featuring my book:

Thrice Read Books – review + excerpt

Boundless Book Reviews

The Vagaries of Us – including excerpt

Talk to your publisher, or even book your own book blog tour in advance of your book’s release. Here’s a good article on organizing your own blog tour for promoting your book. This article cites blog tour companies you can hire to arrange your tour.

However you arrange it, a book blog tour can promote your book for days, weeks, months after its launch. These reviews and articles can keep the attention on your book long after you, in your crushable hat, have departed any bookstore in any city.



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