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Gaining Momentum in Novel Writing Month – Wheeeee!

Update on my #NaNoWriMo2016 — today I wrote over 3,000 words. It helps to be doing a lot of scene-setting in an exotic location, which for my book is the picturesque Ligurian coast of Northern Italy. It also helps that I love writing descriptions of scenery and towns. I love researching places I’ve been or been near. I spent time in Santa Margherita and Portofino, and the little town where I’m setting my book is just down the coast. So it feels familliar, and from the pictures, looks much like the Portofino coastline, where steep green-clad cliffs drop to a sparkling blue and aquamarine sea. Many coves ruffle this coastline, as if someone with a giant spoon scalloped it. Tiny communities adorn many of these bays. The roads go up and down the hills, and the ocean breeze is everpresent.

There, I just wrote more words and I might use them. The key for me is that 1) I have a detailed plot outline and character profiles, and 2) I love Italy! Writing about it brings out the poet in me. So if I have a clear day, as I did today, I can crank out a lot of words, and not just padding words, but good words, words advancing the plot and fleshing out characters and the kinds of things they say.

A good writing day. I’m halfway to the 50,000 words mark, but I didn’t plan on really counting. Yet I find the marathon stimulating. It wouldn’t hurt to make that goal by November 30. While I wait for agents to contact me about The Renaissance Club, I’m still playing in Italy and lining up the next book. They all say it can’t hurt in marketing the first. Plus, it’s increasingly a lot of fun.

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