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On Poetry Jeans & Noticing Something Closely

Here are some fresh ideas for National Poetry Month at Tweetspeak, the Best in Poetry & Poetic things. Including photographing your poet jeans in a creative way. I think if I do that, I will have to write about it. Also from Tweetspeak, some unusual poem prompts.

How has your poetry month been going? Mine is rich with poetry everywhere I turn — for reading, listening, and writing. I didn’t go for the poem-a-day exercise, but rather the read-a-poem-a-day direction. Also I have revised poems every week, if not every day, and in batches. I pick out poems from a manuscript that speak to each other and see where they want to go next, keeping all three or four open as I work on each one, going back and forth, and if there seem to be connections strengthening them.

Over at Blogalicious, Diane Lockward is featuring a poetry book a day, complete with blurbs and sample poems and links to poems from the book online. What a gracious way to celebrate poetry month! I liked especially the sample poems from Adele Kenny’s book A Light, a Thirst, or Nothing At All.

Read a poem today! Buy a book! Or just notice something very closely. To me, that act is poetry.

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