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Poetry Book Giveaway and Midsummer Metaphors

Thanks to all who participated in my Great Poetry Book Giveaway this year! I picked names out of the numerical hat and sent a copy of my Gods of Water and Air  to one winner and Stanley Kunitz’s book Passing Through. I noticed we all entered each other’s Poetry Book Giveaways. It was a pleasure to read blogs I hadn’t visited and learn about books I will now buy. In the giving spirit, I’m offering a discount on Gods of Water and Air during June: just $11 — or 18% off the Amazon list price, if you purchase directly from me. Email me at and we’ll make arrangements.

Here’s a poem from the book. It’s about Emily Dickinson:

Emily Takes the Stage
The Day that I was crowned
Was like the other Days —
Until the Coronation came —
And then — ’twas Otherwise —
Like the Beach Blanket Babylon
lady who carries a city on her head,
some women walk to the soul’s well,
balancing with both hands the water
for their thirsty village,
but, Emily, you balanced
on your slender neck
a galaxy-wide diadem
that dropped jewels everywhere,
in field and town, in school and parlor,
in letter and note. Children, maids,
and innocents pounced on
the green, glinting stones you strewed.
in your wake. Unlike the Babylon lady,
you didn’t need props
to hold up your crown.
You only needed to lighten it
by sewing into packets your wit
on death, your living gems.
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