Gods of Water and Air

A collection of poetry, prose, and drama
Time Fold Books, 136 pages.
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“In Gods of Water and Air, Rachel Dacus turns a painterly eye onto both the nooks and crannies of our world—‘hints of rose madder in the cerulean,’ a palm tree’s ‘rigid, rattling arguments’—and ‘the blue immensity’ that holds us all.”

– Molly Fisk, author of Blow-Drying a Chicken.

“Dacus’ book will invite you to journey with her through adventures in art museums, pie baking, and eagle-spotting.”

– Jeannine Hall Gailey, author of She Returns to the Floating World.

In Gods of Water and Air, the humor and irreverence of a 1960’s rebel mix with feminist, expressionist, and lyrical motifs as the author openly explores her feelings, relationships, and spiritual musings. — Ann Wehrman.

Full review on The Pedestal Magazine by Ann Wehrman