Earth Lessons - Poetry Book - Rachel Dacus

Earth Lessons

A Collection of Poems
Bellowing Ark Press, 1998, 71 pages
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“In Earth Lessons, Rachel Dacus composes poetry that is layered as richly as layers in the earth’s crust. Her ability to write well-crafted poetry that also has strong elements of sound makes the reader wish for the chance to hear her read in person. The voice in each poem manifests as a natural creature interacting with the natural world in terms of specifics woven by poetic figure and imagery. One of the most beautiful poems, ‘The Guest,’ illustrates the poet’s role in creating art from nature, in elevating everyday items to a level found only in poetry. Speaking of the muse, or inspiration, she opines that this guest comes, ‘When the table is spread/with fresh surrender/on clean, white hopelessness.’ The final stanza speaks of longing and determination, ‘He left a note in a flower/yearning for its own fragrance./I mailed my reply to the ocean.’ Those last lines unfold like a wonderful surprise tucked away inside the inner-most of a set of nesting boxes.”

– Kay Day, author of Killing Earl