A God You Can Dance

A God You Can Dance - Poems - CD - Rachel Dacus

CD: Readings of Poems and Songs
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“Carefully crafted meditations framed by well-chosen music and sound-effects to create a constantly changing aural landscape.”

“Refreshing little bursts of thought… yes it’s spoken poetry but not artificial or self-conscious… it is more like the inner monologues we usually have going during the day, but always with a twist that elevates the observation to find a new meaning in the most ordinary things…. widely varied, some of them have light sound effects and music, some work better than others, but the variety keeps it fresh with repeated listenings. Listen while commuting, on an exercise walk, etc. as well as at home… A booklet in the CD has all the words to the poems—If you like Billy Collins or Rumi, you’ll like this.”

– Hank Mindlin