About Rachel

As a reader, I started with Oz books, Nancy Drew, and science fiction. That may explain why all my stories have a touch of romance and the supernatural. I also ventured into poetry early, with Japanese haiku and Dylan Thomas. Talk about mixed messages! One so spare and intense, the other so lushly wordy. I guess I like intensity as well as magic.

The Invisibles and The Renaissance Club were born from asking impossible “what-if’s”. What if I could travel to the Renaissance to meet my favorite artist? What if I could smile at loved ones I’ve lost, across the threshold to The Room Over There?

Magical realism runs through my four collections of poetry. The most recent is Arabesque. Previous collections are Gods of Water and Air, Femme au Chapeau, and Earth Lessons. My poetry and prose have appeared in many literary magazines, including Atlanta Review, Boulevard, Prairie Schooner, The Pedestal, Valparaiso Poetry Review, as well as many anthologies.

I live in the San Francisco Area with my architect husband and Silky Terrier. I raise funds for good causes and love walking in the Bay Area’s beautiful trails. As the daughter of a rocket engineer who was also a fine art painter, I’m delighted especially by Renaissance art and fascinated by space and science. 

I blog about mostly about writing, reading, and publishing. I’m a member of the Women’s Fiction Writer’s Association and Authors 18.