The Power of Reader Reviews — Helping to Boost Author Careers

I’ve been thrilled by the outpouring of support for my novel THE RENAISSANCE CLUB. I’m posting this to see if some of that love can be transmitted onto Amazon, in the form of book reviews. Reader reviews will help me find a wider readership and boost my career as an author.
To make it easier to write one, I’m sharing here comments from local friends. If any of these sum up your own feelings about the book, please feel free to use them. If you have any questions about exactly how to post it on Amazon,  contact me and I’ll help out.
Comment 1: A page-turner with a surprise ending! If you love time travel, read this one.
Comment 2: The poetic descriptions of Italy made me want to travel there, and the love story touched me.
Comment 3: I loved the vivid characters, especially the fiery genius artist Bernini. Art and history lovers will like this book.
Comment 4: Recommended for readers of Diana Gabaldon and others who love time travel stories.
Thank you, my kind friends, for your support, using the power of reader reviews! I’m grateful to have such friends in my life.