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It’s lonely at the writer’s desk, and I’m sure you’ve felt it, wherever yours is, even if yours (like mine) is sometimes a noisy cafe. So to keep you company, here are some tips for writing and publishing, things that have helped me, so I wrote about them on my blog.

Squeezing into a Box — Fitting Into a Fiction Category

Going Indie? How to Navigate Self-Publishing

What a Writer Can Learn from Hamilton, the Musical — Pacing, Pacing, Pacing

Surviving NaNoWriMo 50K Words in 30 Days — Yes, You Can!

Holidays Are for Reading & Writing — As Well As Eating & Socializing

Poetry’s Consoling Power in These Uncertain Times

Which Publishing Path Is Right for You and Your Book?

And for those moments when your fingers are poised above the keyboard, hovering, but not pressing down, and a little inspiration would help:

Romantic writing prompts on Pinterest

Have More Fun Writing – Jane Friedman

Women’s Fiction & Why It Isn’t Romance Fiction – This Happened to Me Too!

Some great writing and publishing sites to check on frequently:

Writer Unboxed

Writers Helping Writers

Jane Friedman – Writing & Publishing in the Digital Age




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